Qualitas Foundation – Europejskie Centrum Promocji Dobrych Praktyk Biznesowych from the beginning of its existence, it has always aimed to support and promote the idea of quality and good practices in business. It has implemented the idea by popularizing a pro-quality way of thinking, a substantive presence at numerous meetings, seminars, conferences or congresses related to quality. At the initiative of the Foundation, several nationwide and international projects are organized, and together with our European partners, we strive to create new values, implement innovative solutions and strive to improve in quality.


It is the largest initiative in Poland to promote companies, organizations and science and research units, for which high quality of products, services or innovative and ecological solutions is a priority and sets the path for further development. Implemented for over 12 years, the project of the EUROPEAN QUALITY CERTIFICATE® Foundation is a prestigious emblem awarded to companies, institutions and scientific research units that are of high quality. The emblem is legally protected – the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland has registered it as a trademark.


The only undertaking of this type in Poland, where theory meets the practice of pro-quality management of companies. It is during this process that the best managers can take part in many thematic panels and exchange knowledge and experience to build a perfect brand. The annual event is also the crowning achievement of the Qualitas Foundation’s activities during which Certificates for the most pro-quality companies are presented at the Gala.


A Qualitas Foundation project to show and use in practice the potential of the younger generation. IKAR JAKOŚCI is a nationwide competition for the best master’s thesis on quality management, in cooperation with universities from all over Poland.


Special award – awarded to the best Manager by the EUROPEAN QUALITY CERTIFICATE® auditors. When evaluating, auditors take into account many criteria, including level of professional ethics, relations with employees, involvement in projects improving the quality in the company and involvement in supporting the region and industry. The prize is awarded during the European Quality Congress.


Qualitas Foundation is an active member of renowned quality organizations:

  • European Organization for Quality from Brussels (the status of an affiliated member)
  • Club Polskie Forum ISO 9000 (the status of a real member).

Foundation’s partners also include KAIZEN Institute and Quality Austria – Polska.