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of consumers, according to the ABR SESTA survey, product quality is important


may increase sales by placing the QUALITY OF THE YEAR® emblem on the packaging


of consumers, according to the GFK Polonia survey, are guided by emblems and awards when shopping


Step 2

Have the current certificates from ZUS and Tax Office on having no arrears

Step 3

Make an appointment for an Audit, conducted by QUALITAS Foundation trained and accredited experts

Step 4

Select your form of promotion: • Quality Magazyn • Portal www.qualitymagazyn.pl • Social media


We announce the results by phone and email.

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94 − 89 =

Why is it worth

years of experience




yearly limit of candidates

Sławomir Harazin

ORZEŁ JAKOŚCI 2018 is a great distinction and the confirmation that Activejet products are appreciated not only by the market but also by independent experts. We are proud that once again we are among the winners. Each such award motivates us to continue working for the quality offered by Activejet.

Jacek Szczepanik

We have been participating in the European Quality Congress as well as in the certification process for many years. The title of ORZEŁ JAKOŚCI that we have already received twice is a proof that our work and philosophy are not only appreciated but also right!

Marek Roszak

The voluntary nature of the challenge of applying for the EUROPEAN QUALITY CERTIFICATE® confirms that the management team makes an informed choice and cares for the customer and for the development of the organisation.

Tomasz Tomaszewski

From the moment we placed the emblem on our packagings our sales increased by 40%!


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