ICARUS OF QUALITY is Professor Romuald Kolman’s competition for the best thesis in management, organised since 2016 by the Qualitas Foundation – Europejskie Centrum Promocji Dobrych Praktyk Biznesowych in Katowice.

It is addressed to all graduates of first-cycle and second-cycle studies. The competition is conducted on the basis of entries submitted by the supervisors of BA theses, engineering theses and MA theses drafted and defended at public and private universities in Poland.

The Honorary Patron of the ICARUS OF QUALITY is the Minister of Science and Higher Education.


  • promoting issues connected with quality management,
  • promoting solutions which can have substantial impact on the operation of organisations of different business profiles,
  • creating a platform for exchanging knowledge and experience between students and graduates on the one hand and the representatives of the world of business on the other,
  • promoting attitudes supporting quality in management,
  • promoting innovativeness and creativity in the young generation.


Prof. Marek Roszak Chairman of the Competition Jury, Silesian University of Technology

Prof. Elżbieta Skrzypek Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin

Prof. Maciej Urbaniak University of Łódź

Prof. Ryszard Barcik University of Bielsko-Biała (Akademia Techniczno-Humanistyczna)

Prof. Stanisław Tkaczyk Warsaw University of Technology

Prof. Bożena Skołud Silesian University of Technology

PhD Joanna Rosak-Szyrocka Częstochowa University of Technology

MA Marcin Kałużny President of the Board of the Qualitas Foundation

Prof. Piotr Grudowski Gdańsk University of Technology

dr hab. inż. Agnieszka Misztal Politechnika Poznańska