Dear Sir or Madam,

We have been dealing with quality for over thirteen years. We show, promote and support every action that, even in a very minute sense, can change our world for the better. We believe that quality is endless. We believe that quality is the key not only to business success, but – and maybe even above all – to success in life. For a good, relational and fulfilled life.

For more than a decade we have been developing restrictive assessment principles – a multi-stage, annual audit, within which we verify not only the fact of maintaining the current state of affairs, but also ask what you have done in your companies to improve quality.

We have established cooperation with EUROPEAN ORAGNIZATION FOR QUALITY, of which we have been a member for years, as well as with the native POLISH FORUM ISO 9000 CLUB. We strive to support actively pro-quality processes in Poland and in Europe. We want to become a vanguard of quality, together with you.

One of the constants in quality improvement is change – only you can improve processes, people and products.

We are proud to present the new project of the Qualitas Foundation – EUROPEAN QUALITY CERTIFICATE®, which supports your European aspirations and dreams of making “Made in Poland” a synonym of quality.

Thank you for the opportunity to improve ourselves, business and the people around us.

Yours faithfully

Marcin Kałużny
President of the Board of the Qualitas Foundation